About Us

About Us

Infocus commenced in 2001 with a small financial advice team based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  Since those humble beginnings, we have grown to become one of Australia’s leading wealth managers, with 70 staff operating from 5 corporate offices and national operations spanning financial advice, funds management and wealth technology (‘fintech’).


The Benefits of Quality Advice

Financial stress can have a direct impact on family health.  According to the “Survey of attitudes towards the Australian health system” carried out by the Menzies Centre for Health Policy at the University of Sydney, families under financial stress are more likely to suffer poorer health.
The survey found that in households suffering financial stress, 28% skipped medical tests or treatment; 21% did not collect prescriptions or missed doses of medicine; and nearly half needed dental care but did not see a dentist.
There are also links that parental stress can lead children to behavioural problems, difficulty in handling stress themselves, and increase the risk of mental illness.  A parent's level of chronic stress can actually alter their child's make-up.
Financially stable families are resilient families.  The social benefits that flow from this stability are not measured –we know they’re immeasurable.
As we continue to grow, Infocus is making a meaningful difference to the lives of more and more Australians from all walks of life through quality advice.

Accessible, Affordable Advice

Our national network of highly qualified, experienced financial advisers is currently advising more than 60,000 clients around the country.  
As at June 30 2016, we are providing advice on more than $4.2Bn of client funds and more than $75M of client insurance premiums.  We also directly manage more than $300M through our funds management business and have more than 750 users of our proprietary wealth management technology.  This year we launched www.earnie.com.au, providing more Australians with direct opportunities to learn about the benefits of defining and reaching financial goals.

Our Ownership

Infocus is not owned by any major banks or other product providers.  Our shareholders consist of our advisers, employees and majority shareholder, Founding Director, Mr Darren Steinhardt. Our advisers are exceptionally confident in the quality of our products, services and training available, which results in peace of mind for each and every Australian who seeks advice.