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Small Business and Insurance

The Client … Joe & Jill run a small business installing car stereos & accessories. They are in their late 40’s, live in the unit over their business, and have a rental property which recently became positively geared.  They employ 3 other staff and have taxable income of about $65,000 pa.  They have about $80,000 […]

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Retirement for Small Business

The Client … Fred 60, and Betty, 54, own a small business retailing and servicing boats and marine gear.  They have a net income of about $80,000.  They employ 5 staff.  They want to become better off financially, and although they enjoy their working life, recognise that they will have to retire sooner or later. […]

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The Wealth Creation Mortgage

The Client … John J, who is 42, currently works as a Supervisor  in an Infrastructure Company and earns around $85,000 per annum.  He is married to Jenny J who works at a local high school earning approximately $21,000 per annum.  Their two children are grown up and support themselves. If we considered all of […]

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Investing for the Future

The Client … Ben and Bertha were both 53 and had just sold their business for approximately $600,000.  Over the years they had accumulated just $23,000 in superannuation, but had managed to acquire a rental property now worth about $310,000.  Their residence and cars were owned freehold.  After the years of work on the business, […]

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Transition to Retirement

The Client … Sam, who is 57, currently works as a section manager for a local Qango and earns $120,000 per annum.  Retirement is definitely on the cards in the next few years and he currently has around $450,000 in superannuation. The Problem … As with most people, Sam wants to maximise his superannuation benefits […]

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It’s not all about retirement

The Client … John and Joan are professionals in their late 20’s.  John earns approximately $75,000 per annum and Joan earns around $118,000 per annum.  Joan owns the home they live in which is clear of mortgage, however they wish to extend their home at a cost of approximately $80,000.   Their superannuation balances are accumulating […]

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