News - October 17th, 2017

Clarification on ‘Money Management’ Top Financial Planning Groups survey

by Infocus

Infocus would like to clarify the data presented in Money Management’s ‘2017 Top Financial Planning Groups Survey’ article, dated September 28. 2017.

Infocus were not asked to provide data for the survey. The article incorrectly states the Infocus Group have 102 Financial Advisers licensed through the Group, a 26.6% drop year-on-year.

The Infocus network presently stands at 160 financial advisers, an increase of 15.9% year-on-year. This includes rapid growth in our Financial Advice team (employee advisers) to 17, servicing clients from Infocus’ exclusive referral relationship with H&R Block. From early November, the advisory team from the recent Announcer acquisition also join the Infocus AFSL, lifting this number to over 170 advisers licensed through the Group.

Infocus is always looking to partner with experienced, qualified financial advisers aligned with our values to join our growing business around the country.
We are proud to offer the highest support staff to adviser ratio in the industry, helping advisers successfully grow revenue, increase efficiency and effectively manage risk in their financial advice business. This delivers great client and business outcomes for advisers.

Infocus is also proud to offer our network the use of our innovative Client Relationship Management software, PlatformPlus. Platformplus streamlines customer relations, advice process management, compliance and paperwork, giving advisers more time to focus on clients.

Infocus looks forward to welcoming more advisers to our network and empowering every-day Australians to live their best life through convenient access to affordable financial advice.

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