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Wherever there is income, there is tax. And although it may be inevitable, how effectively you optimise and manage your tax position can have significant benefits for you or your business.

From business structures and family trusts to personal tax returns and activity statements, we help you discover tax and accounting strategies that add value, improve performance and ensure compliance for you or your business.

Your Infocus Tax & Business specialist can help you see what’s possible. Together we work with you with an aim to:

  • streamline personal & business tax reporting processes
  • reduce the burden of business accounting, compliance & reporting
  • focus on what drives growth for your business
  • optimise your tax position & unlock value for you or your business
  • continue to adapt & prosper in an era of change and disruption

Personal tax advice, planning & returns

Our tax services are designed to help you optimise your tax position, whether it be preparing your annual return or helping you plan and implement tax strategies. Our tax specialists can meet with you in person or online, and are here to assist with all your tax needs – from simple tax returns to the set-up of complex tax structures. Plus, where appropriate, we can work with your financial adviser to support any taxation initiatives they may have recommended for you.

Business accounting & tax services

Enjoy the convenience of professionally managed accounting and taxation services. We provide a complete range of services including bookkeeping, activity statements, payroll services, tax planning & returns, financial reporting and more.

Business valuations

Whether you are buying or selling a business, or preparing a succession plan, it’s essential to have an understanding of current market value. We help you gain important insight into the areas that contribute to, or detract from, the value of your business or a business you are considering for purchase.

Strategic and business planning

Our strategic planning service is designed to help you define the future direction of your business. We’re here to help you identify the opportunities for growth and then help you implement a plan to capitalise on these opportunities. We also provide business plans to help you establish your business, secure funding, and determine resourcing requirements. Whether you are a start-up or an established organisation, we have the expertise to help you review, plan, and grow your business.

Business structures

It’s critical that your business is held within appropriate structures to ensure wealth is protected for both the business and the stakeholders. Drawing on our legal, tax, and compliance expertise, we help ensure your existing or proposed business structure is designed to serve your needs and protect your interests.

Virtual CFO service

Our virtual CFO service gives you access to the knowledge and expertise of a chief financial officer when and where you need it. We can provide all the standard back-office accounting and tax functions plus add value to your business with cash-flow analysis, budgets and forecasting, scenario modelling, investment management advice, and performance analysis. Your virtual CFO is there to manage and monitor the overall financial health of your business, and offer guidance and financial insight into your company decisions.
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