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Business & practice development

As a partner, adding value to your business is our priority. We help you to build a highly valuable business asset that stands out from the pack. Our Business Development team, many of whom are former Financial Advisers, are experts in their field, and trained to provide you with the support you need to grow your business, to secure continued success.
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Adviser technology

By joining Infocus you gain access to our award winning and innovative client engagement and advice process management technology, Platformplus. This fully integrated CRM system provides a resolution to all of your businesses technology requirements, packaged in one convenient program.   The benefit extends not just to you as an adviser but also to your clients, offering a plethora of useful tools such as an online fact find, automated advice generation wizard, and direct processing into preferred platforms. Clients are also provided access to an efficient online Client Portal, which allows them to view their assets and liabilities, communicate with their adviser and even opt in to complete fee disclosure statements online.
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About Infocus

Product options

Infocus is owned by management, staff and advisers. We have the ability to offer a broad range of financial products which enables our advisers to implement financial advice effectively and efficiently. We have a ‘best of breed’ selection of platforms, managed funds, listed securities, cash, term deposits, risk products, etc. which are all designed to enhance customer experience and quality of advice.
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Education, training & compliance

In our industry of ever changing rules and regulations, Infocus takes our compliance obligations very seriously. We have one of the highest support staff to adviser ratios in the industry; we work closely with you to ensure the continuous providence of the highest quality financial advice to your clients. We offer a variety of professional development events, mentoring and training opportunities to meet and exceed this obligation.