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About Infocus
Proving financial advice to all Australian's

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Infocus has been providing financial advice for Australians from all walks of life since 1994.

Starting out as a small financial advice team in Queensland, Infocus has grown to become one of Australia’s leading wealth managers, with an expanding national footprint of expertly trained Financial Advisers and support staff.

Infocus Financial Advisers help over 40 families every week

Nearly 100 families every week are on the path to living their best life thanks to working with their Infocus Financial Adviser.

“We believe that quality financial advice has the power to change people’s lives.”

Your friendly and knowledgeable Infocus Financial Adviser takes the time to understand your financial situation, including your cash flow, your debts, your dreams and your stage of life – to get you on your way to financial independence.

Whether you want to plan for retirement, save for that dream holiday or just want to learn how to manage your household finances better, talk to your local Infocus Financial Adviser today.

Our vision:

everyday australians

"To empower everyday Australians to live their best life, through convenient access to affordable financial advice."

We know that money is more than just what you use to buy things. Money is how you put food on the table. It allows you to buy the house that becomes your home. It’s how you provide your kids with the education to help them achieve their own dreams. It allows you to go on those wild adventures around the world and it ensures you’re comfortable in your golden years. So we want to empower you to make the best possible decisions about how to spend, invest and protect your money. Because everyone deserves the opportunity to live the life they have imagined. Life’s too short not to.

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Our Values

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We are always innovating and embracing the power of technology to enhance the quality of our advice and the service we provide. We develop our wealth management software solutions so we stay agile and make financial advice accessible and affordable.
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Your Infocus Financial Adviser gives you the inspiration to create a better future, guiding you through the complications and confusion of managing your finances. Every Infocus Financial Adviser has a goal of helping you achieve your dreams through providing quality financial advice.
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We work closely with you to form a tight team, helping you see where freedom can take you, and giving you the roadmap to get there. We keep you on track with regular updates, going above and beyond to make sure you achieve what's important to you.


We go the extra mile to help you achieve financial freedom. We work with you to deliver the solutions you need and act as your 'coach' to help you be accountable to stick by these decisions.
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Honesty and integrity

We speak in plain English, guiding you through the complex world of finance. Our genuine, caring approach and transparent and open dialogue (as well as the freedom that comes from not being owned by a bank or large financial services business) means your Infocus Financial Adviser is always acting in your best interests.


The key to any great relationship is trust. We ask the important questions in a non-confronting way and work with you to identify what's most important to you. Importantly, we deliver on what we promise and stick to our word.
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