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I want to retire early

retire early
You’ve worked hard all your life. Late nights, weekends, early morning meetings…but you’re now thinking of getting out of the rat-race and doing the things you love.

Your Infocus Financial Adviser can ensure your money is working for you – not just sitting in a bank account earning a measly interest rate and paying high monthly fees. With the right mix of investments and regular contributions, you could be on your way to an early retirement, enjoying travelling the world or the real passion that work always seemed to get in the way of.

Enter your details into our retirement calculator below to get an idea of how much money you might need to retire early.
Use this calculator to help you project understand if you will have sufficient funds for retirement, or if you need to think about starting additional superannuation contributions. Check out the icon to see how we have arrived at these amounts.
This calculator is designed as an educational tool and outputs are based on the accuracy of the information you provide. For further information or assitance, we recommend you speak to one of our Financial Advisers.
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