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We want what you want. We want to see our clients as happy as possible. This not only means maximising each individual client’s happiness, but using the experience to better help more people achieve the same. As a client of Complete Wealth, not only will YOU be happier, you’ll be adding to our collective experience and knowledge, thus driving other’s happiness too. Just as our other clients will for you. We have an experienced, highly qualified team of Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Accountants, Lending specialists, accredited Self Managed Superannuation experts, and specialists in Aged Care with multiple Masters and Bachelor Degrees. We’ve studied at International Business Schools such as Wharton’s and Copenhagen Business School. We’ve met with the top research and brokerage firms on Wall Street and have even walked the trading floor. We are a small business run by our advisers but backed by the research, systems and support of Australia’s largest Financial Planning network. Ultimately though it’s our clients who make us special. Not only because our clients have achieved genuine results in the real world, they show us every day how to lead better, safer and happier lives.

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Our team

Matt Armstrong
Principal Financial Adviser

I get the biggest kick out of helping people, particularly people who aren’t afraid to dream big and say that anything is possible. In the beginning most of my clients come to me with a problem or an irritation that they want to deal with, once we get over this initial hurdle we quickly get on to designing an amazing future for themselves and their family.

Successful advisers really are the protectors of personal wealth and I get a kick out of every day at work because I get to help people live safer and happier lives, this includes my fantastic friends, family, wonderful clients as well as my very loyal staff. I have never said no to a client, no matter how big or small their issues were.

Grant Pratt
Financial Adviser

Financial planning is not just about making money; it is about life. I started working as a paramedic in South Africa. There probably is no greater fulfilment when you resuscitate a loved one, be it a spouse, parent or a child and the thanks and appreciation received.

Many people, thankfully, are not exposed to the tragic consequences witnessed being a paramedic particularly in an environment where incidents were so prolific. The devastating impact that the loss of a loved one has on a family left an imprint on my mind. When a mother with young children would say, “How am I going to cope”, to the resentment that would settle in when the reality and the pain of not having the financial ability to manage becomes a stark reality.

Financial planning is not only about managing money; it is about engaging in life strategies. Being able to assist people create the strategies that help define who they are and achieve their objectives provides the emotional satisfaction that I seek. Financial planning is a form of resuscitation, financial resuscitation. I am able to share the international experiences and knowledge gained in the accounting and financial planning world, and relate the real life experiences that I gained in emergency services to create that dynamic plan leading you on the path to financial freedom.