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We give our clients the freedom to choose the life they dream about.

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Infocus is making quality financial advice more accessible for more Australians.

Each week, we help more than 40 Australian families set and achieve their financial goals. We understand how busy life can be, so our advisers are happy to come to your office or home.

With more than 130 highly qualified, experienced advisers across Australia, we are focused on giving our clients the right financial advice for them.

Take control of your future

The sooner you seek quality advice the sooner, you can take control of your finances and your future

The gap is growing between when Australians can access their super and when they can access the aged pension. This means that the average 39 year-old Australian man faces a $236K super shortfall while the same aged woman will have a gap of $307K*.

In today’s economy a ‘comfortable’ retirement requires an end super balance of $545,000 and even more if you need to cover rent or a mortgage*.

Infocus will help you know how and when to invest your money, will give you the power to choose how you live your life.
*According to Association of Super Funds Australia

We focus on our client's goals

Our advice is always based on our client’s financial goals, not ours.

We have access to a wide range of investment products across multiple institutions to give our clients more choice. Our advisers help our clients take control of their lives through proactive budgeting and tackling the tough personal financial decisions.

Whether you are saving for a holiday, wanting to buy your first home or looking for a property investment – our advisers can help you get there. If you don’t know where to start, we can help you realise what’s possible so you can take control of your finances.

We are experts in helping you define and achieve your financial goals so you can live the lifestyle you choose.

We are not owned by any of the major banks or other product providers.