Retirement Planning

What more important time in your life can there be?  You’ve spent years working hard and accumulating your wealth and now’s the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

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Planning For Your Retirement

Planning well for your retirement is absolutely essential.  

Importantly, this isn’t just thinking about what to do with your money when you retire: it’s about ensuring you receive quality advice in the years leading up to retirement to take advantage of the various strategies Infocus employs to maximise your earnings in the pre-retirement period.  By doing this, your goal of a happy and prosperous retirement can become a reality.

Retirement planning is important to get right!  There are many complex considerations that your local Infocus financial adviser will be happy to assist with.

Retire Richer

The generation that has ‘had it all’ is also the generation that has had a habit of spending it all.  Unlike their frugal grandparents, baby boomers may struggle to get by on the pension alone.

Perhaps the most crucial thing boomers can do now is to get a quality financial plan in place now to see you through to your golden years, with enough left behind to provide for loved ones.

Infocus has a range of clever retirement strategies to better inform those considering retirement.  These include making the most of your super, maximizing your Centrelink benefits, and how you may be able to avoid unnecessary tax bills.  The overall aim is to maximise your retirement income and reduce your taxation to ensure you can afford what you want to do in retirement.

For more information about successfully planning for and maximising the benefits of your retirement, contact your nearest Infocus financial adviser by clicking on the 'Enquire Now' button below.

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