Empty Nesters

You’ve just had a big change in your life and its time to think about the future.  Maximising the benefits of your investments and superannuation can help you plan to live the lifestyle you have been dreaming of.


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Investing is an essential part of helping you create wealth.  Over the long term, investments can generate great rewards - and the earlier you start, the better.

Investing starts with ensuring you have surplus cash flow to invest.  It doesn’t need to be much, but if you focus on developing (and sticking to!) your household budget, you can soon find savings that can be invested to help build your future wealth.

This is a complex area and one that we strongly encourage you to ensure you get the right advice. 

Our financial advisers are committed to understanding your needs and objectives.  When you’re ready to invest, our Advisers scan the market to choose the right products to meet your needs.  Given we are independently-owned, we have the freedom and flexibility of choice, giving you peace of mind that we will always advise on the best solution for you.

For more information about investing, or to discuss your investment objectives with your nearest Infocus financial adviser, click on the 'Enquire Now' button below.

Your Super!

Taking an active interest in your superannuation early is critical to ensuring you maximise the benefits of growing this important asset.

How much you need to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement will depend on factors such as your accumulated assets and your expectations on your lifestyle in retirement.  Chances are your employer contributions may not be enough and you may need to look at making additional contributions.

The good news is that if you start early, even minimal personal contributions will make a significant difference to your retirement income.  Personal contributions to your superannuation can be made from your pre-tax salary (salary sacrifice) or from your post-tax salary. Note different taxation rules apply to each method of contribution.  Depending on your financial situation, one may be better for you.

Having the right superannuation strategy in place today is absolutely essential to a comfortable retirement.

Your local Infocus financial adviser has significant expertise in superannuation strategies that will help you achieve your financial goals.  Simply click the ‘Enquire Now’ button to chat with your nearest adviser about growing your super.

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