News - April 30th, 2015

Infocus launches Client Engagement tools

by Infocus Author

Infocus Wealth Management Ltd today announced the launch of its new client engagement software tool, Client Portal.

Infocus’ Client Portal allows clients of advisers in the Infocus group network to view their assets, liabilities and risk premiums under advice via a secure login.  Once logged in, clients can also view their advice documents, client service agreements and fee disclosure statements, as well as self-complete up to date information through Infocus’ online fact find that automatically populates and updates the client’s details in Infocus’ proprietary CRM.

“We’re really excited about launching this great functionality, which is exclusively available to advisers licensed under the Infocus and PATRON dealer groups”, says Infocus Managing Director Rod Bristow.  “All advice businesses have ‘legacy’ or ‘C & D’ clients.  Providing a way to engage with these clients cost effectively will lead to improved client engagement and reduced risk for advisers”, Bristow said.

Existing and new clients are issued with a login to the Client Portal.  Once logged in, clients can view all of the assets, liabilities and risk premiums they have under advice with their Infocus group adviser.  Data feeds for a wide range of products on the Infocus group APL provide up-to-date information for clients on the status of their wealth.

“There’s lots of talk about ‘robo-advice’ in the industry.  At Infocus we believe the emergence of direct to client solutions will no doubt be important, as we saw in stockbroking with the success of CommSec and E*Trade.  However, advice requires a more complex approach to engagement, particularly initially.  By providing tools to increase client engagement such as our Client Portal, advisers will be able to increase awareness and ultimately the numbers of clients receiving advice – which is a great outcome for advisers and their clients”, he said.

The Client Portal launch is part of an ongoing strategy of enhancing Infocus’ proprietary CRM, advice generation and practice management software, PlatformPlus.  The most recent software release also includes a ‘Dashboard’ of key metrics across client engagement, revenue and staff productivity, providing advisers with an instant snapshot of how their business is performing against plan.

“Infocus sees our role for advisers across our two dealer groups Infocus and PATRON as helping to grow revenue, increase efficiency and manage risk.  The Client Portal and Dashboard functionality released this week ticks all of these boxes”, Bristow said.

For more information please contact Rod Bristow on 1300 463 628.

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