News - November 28th, 2016

Media Release | “Compare the Dealer Groups” sees Infocus shine

by Infocus

The Infocus Group has come out a clear industry leader in its support model for Advisers, based on the latest Benchmarking Study undertaken by independent consulting business Comparator, part of the CoreLogic Group.

The report, “Annual Business Performance Benchmarking Study for Financial Planning Businesses”, conducts detailed comparative analysis of the business performance of 7 banks, 6 salaried advice businesses, 11 Industry Super Funds, 10 telephone / digital advice providers and 22 dealer groups.

For Infocus, the results showed the relentless focus on helping Advisers grow revenue, increase efficiency and effectively manage risk in their business is paying dividends.  Across the 26 categories identified by Comparator, the Infocus Group provided leading services for Advisers in 25; demonstrating a high quality full service Dealer Group offering for our Advisers.

Advisers licensed through one of the Infocus Group’s two AFSL holders (Infocus Financial Advice and PATRON Financial Advice) grew their revenue significantly in this period.  This bucked the Dealer Group industry trend identified by Comparator, where Adviser businesses on average lost money in the last 12 months.  The Infocus Group have achieved these positive results through listening carefully to Advisers and delivering continued investment in people and technology, maintaining a sharp focus on delivering on Adviser needs.

Rod Bristow, Managing Director and CEO of the Infocus Group, said “We are over the moon with these latest Comparator report results.  This independently verifies what we already know – that Advisers licensed through the Infocus and Patron AFSLs are leading the industry in terms of the sustainable growth of their businesses in the face of a challenging operating environment”.

“We know the advice businesses that are working in partnership with us to grow revenue, increase efficiency and effectively manage risk will be the industry leaders in years to come.  Congratulations to all of our Advisers who continue to embrace industry change and work toward delivering quality advice for Australians from all walks of life”, Bristow said.

For more information, contact Rod Bristow, Managing Director and CEO, Infocus Wealth Management, 1300 463 628 or visit

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