Blog - October 15th, 2018

Media Release: Infocus continues to prosper as advisers look for licensee alternatives

by Infocus Author

As the big banks and institutions continue to defend themselves over the Royal Commission, advisers around the country look for a reliable and alternative dealer group.Financial services dealer group Infocus has continued to expand in the wake of the company’s structural overhaul late last year.

The return of founder Darren Steinhardt as Managing Director has certainly paid off for the dealer group, who have recently signed several significant advice businesses as part of its steady expansion.In the last 10 months over 14 advisory businesses have joined Infocus including the recent recruitment of major advisory groups Complete Wealth in ACT, and Western Australia’s Securitas Financial Group and Merideon Wealth Strategies.

Steinhardt says the company’s growth is both strategic and organic, as advisers around the country seek prudent licensee alternatives in the face of the Royal Commission.

“At Infocus we have carefully been expanding our network of culturally aligned advisers over the past year despite – or perhaps because of – the challenging conditions of our industry. Advisers are looking for genuine alternatives to institutionally owned dealer groups and advisers see real value in our focus on advice, robust structure, our scale and substance, and they are partnering with us as a result.”

While Steinhardt remains tight-lipped about the identity of further adviser groups set to join Infocus, he confirms the growth trajectory is expected to continue as the pipeline of interested advisers has never been stronger.

“We know advisers need a reputable and experienced dealer group. They come to us because we ensure they are supported, efficient and compliant every step of the way, so they can effectively operate and deliver advice-based solutions to their clients in a bid for their own steady growth.

“We offer our advisers advantages that others can’t; like our in-house software solution that was developed by advisers, for advisers,” he says. “But the biggest drawcard for advisers to our group is our culture. We have a great team supporting a great network and we work together for a common outcome.”

“We know advisers are looking for not only alternatives, but opportunities and that’s where we come in. We expect our growth to continue steadily into the 2019 calendar year, which also marks Infocus’ 25th year in operation. It’s good times ahead.”

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