News - July 25th, 2016

Media Release | O earnie!

by Infocus Author

Infocus Wealth Management (Infocus) launched the group’s direct-to-consumer financial advice solution last month and this month, earnie is off to school!

With O Week currently in various stages of progress around the country, will form part of O Week activities at University of Sydney’s Camperdown Campus this week.

Since the launch of, Infocus has publicised earnie as being core to its strategy to provide quality advice to Australians from all walks of life.  Rod Bristow, Managing Director and CEO of Infocus, said “Around 80 per cent of the Australian population don’t currently receive financial advice.  With this knowledge, we believe will help bridge the gap by providing Australians with a simple and easy to use online service designed to help them reach their financial goals. is really about simple, smart investing; allowing users to take control of their long and short term savings goals and helping them to reach these goals sooner”.

Appealing to a younger demographic, is being promoted to students at O Week with the objective of creating interest through fun and excitement.  “There are roughly 6 million Millennials in Australia.  Through our market research we have gained considerable insights and understanding about this segment, particularly their core values and attitudes towards financial literacy and investing. Given this demographic are largely referred to as ‘digital natives’; being used to having information at their fingertips through their smart devices and being empowered to make decisions, we know has an important role to play in assisting this group of Australians in getting engaged about their future financial well-being. Participating in O Week helps us build awareness with a market segment ready to receive this type of information and ready to be empowered in this way”, said Mr. Bristow.

In addition to participating in O Week, will also be supported by radio and social media.

For more information about contact:

Rod Bristow, Managing Director and CEO, Infocus Wealth Management, 1300 463 628 or visit

About Infocus Wealth Management Limited

Infocus is an independently-owned national wealth management group delivering financial advice, funds management and technology solutions.

The financial advice division includes an Adviser network of around 180 Financial Advisers across two dealer groups, Infocus Securities and PATRON Financial Advice. Infocus and PATRON Advisers are located in 118 practices across Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, providing financial planning advice to over 55,000 retail clients nationally. Group funds under advice are around $4.4Bn and risk premiums under advice around $67M.

Enquiries in relation to this media release can be directed to Rod Bristow, Managing Director and CEO Infocus Wealth Management, on 1300 463 628.

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