Blog - November 24th, 2017

The sensible and the unnecessary; Things to spend your money on…

by Infocus

Most people will agree when we say that saving money is hard. Managing your finances can be a struggle, but savings are important. Some people have a savings goal in mind, and others simply save money to be sensible.

Here at Infocus we often discuss how to better manage your finances with the help of one of our Financial Advisers. A lot of money advice is based around saving – but, for a change, we thought that you might benefit from some ideas on what to do with your money when you feel like spending a little. If you’d like some advice in this area, simply reach out.

We have put together a list of some products and experiences that you might want to consider when you feel like splurging…you can thank us later.


  • Buy a bicycle to ride to work instead of taking the car
  • Grab a fitbit to track your daily activity
  • Take Spanish lessons
  • Open an investment account and start saving
  • Hire a personal trainer to get fit
  • Buy some insurance and protect your income
  • Sponsor a child in need
  • Invest in a hybrid car and help to save the environment
  • Take up art lessons
  • Donate to a charity in need
  • Buy a new laptop
  • Make a voluntary payment to your super account

Treat Yourself!                       

  • Book a massage
  • Update your office wardrobe
  • Take a spontaneous trip somewhere
  • Buy a season pass for your local theatre
  • Invest in some 1000 thread count bed sheets
  • Surprise your partner with a gift
  • A good night’s sleep is invaluable, buy a new mattress
  • Let out your inner adrenaline junkie and get a jet ski
  • Take your partner out for a romantic dinner
  • Your favourite chocolate, because why not?
  • Save time and invest in a home cleaner
  • Buy an inflatable pool in time for summer
  • Indulge in a pair designer shoes
  • Celebrate something with a bottle of champagne
  • Give your home a boost with some new interior design
  • Find your inner Zen and buy a Bonsai Tree
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