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Clarity Financial Advice – Aged Care Specialists, are located on the Northside of Brisbane, however we do travel and Residential Aged Care advice is based on Commonwealth Legislation so we cover all States and Territories of Australia via electronic meetings. We are a newly established office however the Principle has been in the Financial Services sector in 1985.

Our speciality is Aged Care, our Senior Financial Advisers have meet all FASEA requirements and are qualified Financial Advisers.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with families and other professionals to achieve the best outcomes based on our clients objectives.

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Our team

Kerry Darton
Director - Senior Financial Adviser - Aged Care Specialist

Kerry is an accredited FPA Aged Care Specialist, a Senior Financial Adviser and Principle of Clarity Financial Advice. She works with families, Accountants, Investment Advisers and Estate Lawyers to help families seamlessly traverse the Aged Care and Centrelink systems. Without advice the best intentions can lead to unintended consequences when restructuring assets to access care in the Later Years of Retirement. Kerry helps you understand the financial implications, legislation and how Aged Care and Centrelink interact.

Kerry’s goal when working with clients is to preserve Estate Intentions, maximise government support, minimise fees and cut through all the jargon and noise associated with transitioning to different care arrangements in the Later Years of Retirement.

With Kerry’s guidance you will have peace of mind and a sense someone has got your back whilst navigating this new phase of life.

Kerry helps you understand choices when living independently starts to become challenging. Kerry can talk you through options such as home care, granny flat arrangements, retirement villages and residential aged care. Kerry can also be the independent third party that provides the facts when families are trying to make the tough decisions.

Kerry aims to help families make sense of the Aged Care system, so they can concentrate on spending more time with their loved ones.

This phase of retirement is often very stressful, and you don’t know what you don’t know. Clarity Financial believes Care Matters.


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