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Tony Wu
Financial Planner


  • We have total confidence in Tony looking after our super fund Tony has been looking after us for about 10 years now. It has been so easy to meet with Tony or to make a phone call to discuss anything. For me to give a good rating of Tony of 10 out of 10 for his service he has earned it well done.

    R & L Wilson, Woodgate

  • I was previously a client of a Financial Planner and he would only contact me once a year, (apart from that I’d leave messages for him to contact me). His advice wasn’t at all in my interests, such as recommending high risk investments and other than that, he showed zero interest. About four years ago, Tony Wu was recommended to me. At the initial meeting, he listened to me, such as I’m a conservative investor and then he advised me in layman’s terms, resulting in changes to my portfolio, which has been highly beneficial. I receive regular update emails from Tony and when necessary he phones me. When it’s required, we have a meeting. He’s helped me with advice about a rental property of mine. I’m now transitioning into retirement and again, he’s gone above and beyond to assist me. I trust Tony and rely on his advice, which has been totally in my favour and I don’t have to worry. I don’t feel like I’m just another number, and enjoy his friendliness and I’m always happy to talk to him and I’m confident with his suggestions. I feel lucky that Tony Wu was recommended to me.

    R Ryan, Springwood

  • My husband and I are average, middle-income earners. When it came time to get serious about planning for our retirement, we took a punt and went to the retirement financial advisor with our bank. That was in 2012, and that was when we first met Tony. For almost eight years Tony has walked beside us, providing answers and explanations to our questions. We have no background in finance and investment options and sometimes thought we must bother Tony with our repetitive questions, but it hasn’t mattered how many times we may have asked the same question, Tony is always polite and patient with us making sure we fully understand everything before we make our final decision. We are half-way to achieving out retirement plan (one of us has retired) and with Tony continuing to guide us, and be excited for us reaching our goals, we know we will achieve what we set out to do together.

    S & P Bryan, Cooroy

  • When I first met Tony he was my partners financial adviser, I had a different person as my financial adviser. After seeing how Tony operated I decided to change over to Tony as my financial adviser. Tony has a unique way of working and takes copious notes while chatting, then sends a very detailed precise document of these notes. Always very professional and ethical in his dealings but also very approachable, also very flexible and has made house calls for health reasons . I am kept informed of what is happening in these very trying times, and options are put forward if required. He is also a very nice person and gives advise but leaves the final decision in your hands, would not hesitate in recommending Tony to anyone.

    S Arnott, Carindale

  • We would like to share this with anyone who perhaps is in a similar situation to us a few months ago. We lacked clarity in several areas of our finance and although we are good at what we do in our respective field, we needed guidance and good advice in our finances. This revolved around our mortgages for our properties as well as our insurances, health insurances and super. On the advice of a close friend, we contacted Tony Wu. I was at first a little apprehensive as many financial planners have great knowledge but are not able to break things down to the level of people who don’t truly possess the eye for these matters. On our first meeting with Tony, we were immediately comfortable enough to open up objectively about our finances and also seriously voice our concerns. He discussed with us matters related to our finance and helped us understand the more complex aspects of the matter. Never once did he make us feel embarrassed even when we asked the most basic questions. After out meeting with Tony, we felt the weight lifted off our shoulders as we had a clear plan with his help. We have stuck to Tony ever since as his service is consistent unlike many others who start to slacken after getting their clients. Tony was extremely quick in putting into place his recommendation such as changes in insurance policies and home refinancing that saved us several thousand dollars. He also got us onto a healthier lifestyle after introducing me to a health insurance scheme that is best suited for our lives. I would certainly strongly recommend Tony to my friends and relatives who would like to get sound advice that works and great service from someone who is so professional and knowledgeable.

    R & M Das, Stretton

  • This Testimonial is to advise that I have been associated with Tony going back to his days with the ANZ Bank and now with INFOCUS and have found him be an extremely helpful and honest operator offering very wise advice and would recommend his services to any one requiring help with their financial matters.

    G Thomas, Bongaree

  • Tony has been my financial advisor over a number of years through adversity, major health issue through to retirement. My options outlined in detail, verbally and mathematically in note form so my understanding allowed me to make my own decisions. This being followed up with a Professional detailed analysis of our discussion for my perusal and agreement. In these uncertain times direct contact with Tony be it global and or local events which may Impact on my portfolio Tony had options and best possible outcome allayed any fears I may have. I have found Tony to have high professional and ethical standards Through our time together and has been approachable both professionally and personally. Our meetings on occasion over a coffee in a suburban shop due to difficulty to meet in his office and due to health home visits. My partner also changed her portfolio to Tony after a home visit sitting in while we went over current changes. Her decision to change based on how positive and approachable he was and his glass half full approach. I have come to respect Tony as a person as well as my financial advisor without his sound advice I am certain my position in life would be somewhat different. We have been able to communicate both professionally and personally and I find that words do not adequately sum up the respect both my partner and I have for Tony

    R Mercer, Carindale

  • Owen and I have our financial business in Tony’s hand for many years, starting when he worked for ANZ Bank and continued on when he started with Infocus. We have always found him very professional, and he would go over and above what I would have expected him to do. We wouldn’t have known what to do without him when Owen and I retired. He is a legend.

    O & M Daniell, Ripley

  • Tony Wu was recommended to us by our ANZ Bank Manager approximately 10 + years ago. Tony has been looking after our superannuation and wealth management needs since that time. We are very happy with Tony, and his guidance over this period has been very honest and accurate. Up until we met Tony we were being guided by another financial planner that did not understand our financial needs. Without Tony’s direction and advice, we would not be in a position to fund our retirement lifestyle to our level of expectation. Tony is a very likeable genuine person and consistently updates us on our portfolios, share market position and all financial affairs. We trust Tony with all of our financial matters, and would recommend Tony to anyone seeking superannuation, financial & retirement planning or wealth management with absolutely no hesitation.

    R & J Gilmartin, Algester

  • I first met Tony Wu when he worked as the branch’s Financial Planner at a major Bank some 10 years ago. I was the Branch Manager at the time and it was my role to work closely with Tony to ensure the staff engaged with Tony to enable effective referrals to be made. He achieved great success at the branch, so much so that it contributed to Tony achieving a milestone of being in the top 10 Financial Planners in Australia and was awarded a trip to USA in recognition. Tony’s success was not only attributed to his wealth of knowledge in his field, but also his openness, ability to listen and empathize and dependability. At that time, Tony also reviewed my Income Protection policy and had it upgraded. Some time later, Tony left the Bank and joined Infocus Wealth Management. We had stayed in touch as Tony continued to look after customers of mine and I would continue to refer close friends to Tony. In 2017 I had decided to engage Tony to look after my Superannuation portfolio. I had been with my employer since 1976 and had always had my Superannuation with them. As I am getting closer to retiring, it is very reassuring to have someone like Tony consistently updating me with options, feedback and updates. Annual reviews are conducted very professionally and follow on from previous years updates. This has the effect of knowing that projections and targets are always at the forefront. Tony’s efforts make me feel comfortable that my Superannuation Portfolio is being looked after in the best possible way. This year I left my employer after 44 years suffering mental health after an incident in 2016 that was caused by management. I was not able to return to my role so I had to resign due to medical issues. Thankfully, when Tony reviewed my Income Protection policy, it was recommended to have my role as Manager protected rather than just my occupation. I am now unable to work as a Manager and am drawing on my policy up to age 65. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony as one of the best Financial Planners I have ever worked with and when you consider my length of service, I have worked with many. He is someone you can trust and if he says he will call you tomorrow or provide information, he will certainly have it done on time!

    R Spiteri, Hope Island


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