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Our team

Jacob Wilkins
Financial Adviser

Life is about so much more than your bank balance. For me, I'm a people person. Without close relationships I feel disconnected from the world. How much wealth I have or don't have is irrelevant without close relationships with people to share life with.

I'm a strong believer that everyone needs a coach and that coaches aren't just for athletes. I think it takes a lot of humility to admit this but as soon as you do, your perspective of the world changes. Everything becomes an opportunity to learn and grow.

I really dislike being put on a pedestal as some sort of guru. Again, this makes me feel disconnected from life. I'd rather be seen as a coach and close friend, who helps others because I actually care about another's future wellbeing.

And the biggest thing about me ... is that I genuinely listen. Not just the words you're saying but why you're saying them. What is the pain point that you're trying to express and how can I find the perfect solution! What is the real, underlying goal or objective that I need to help you achieve.

Remco Lamberts
Senior Financial Adviser

A genuine interest in people and their financial wellbeing, and a passion for the great outdoors brought Remco back to Moreton Bay, which he proudly calls home. Remco has over 20 years of international experience in financial services and advice, in both advisory and managerial roles.

Servicing Moreton Bay up to the Sunshine Coast, he is back doing what he loves most: Helping you create wealth and financially protect yourself and your loved ones. Remco strongly believes in creating awareness, transparency, and guiding his customers in making sound decisions to achieve their goals. While all-round, he has a special interest in superannuation, (pre-)retirement planning and pensions. Remco holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.