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Jacob Wilkins
Financial Adviser

Life is about so much more than your bank balance. For me, I'm a people person. Without close relationships I feel disconnected from the world. How much wealth I have or don't have is irrelevant without close relationships with people to share life with.

I'm a strong believer that everyone needs a coach and that coaches aren't just for athletes. I think it takes a lot of humility to admit this but as soon as you do, your perspective of the world changes. Everything becomes an opportunity to learn and grow.

I really dislike being put on a pedestal as some sort of guru. Again, this makes me feel disconnected from life. I'd rather be seen as a coach and close friend, who helps others because I actually care about another's future wellbeing.

And the biggest thing about me ... is that I genuinely listen. Not just the words you're saying but why you're saying them. What is the pain point that you're trying to express and how can I find the perfect solution! What is the real, underlying goal or objective that I need to help you achieve.