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Suite 502 55 Phillip Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150

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SMI Financial Solutions is a boutique practice that focuses on the client’s goals and objectives. With over 10 years in the financial services industry in various roles, Chris Smith established SMI Financial Solutions with its main goal to provide advice to people that may not feel they can afford it, or that do not have the time for a conventional nine to five appointment at an advisers office. SMI understands that one of the biggest barriers to getting qualified financial advice is the time it takes out of your day. It’s not easy to make time in your day to organise a meeting to discuss your financial affairs, that’s why we offer our clients more choice. The client has the choice of when and where to meet depending on what is convenient to them. SMI will meet you at your home or office, before, during or after work, the choice is completely up to you.

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Our team

Chris Smith
Financial Adviser

Most advisers tell you when they are open for business. SMI comes to you for appointments.
Most advisers prefer you come to their office for appointments. SMI is always flexible on time AND location.
Most advisers talk about their expertise and their research. At SMI we want to get to know you first and then see if we can help.
We try and keep things simple
We make our advice easy to understand – even when it solves a complex problem.
We give the advice – and then make it happen.
While we still get excited by technical information – we make sure you know how it affects you.
We will help anyone who asks
We want to help everyone – it’s not about how much you earn.
We want to make advice affordable.
We help people who can’t always pay – rather than them getting no advice at all.