News - November 16th, 2017

Announcer named AIA’s Healthiest Employer for 2017

by Infocus

One of the country’s leading life insurers AIA Australia recently named Announcer as Australia's Healthiest Employer in its first Healthiest Workplace Survey.

The survey, conducted by RAND Europe for AIA Vitality, comprehensively gauged the health and wellbeing of individuals from 32 companies around Australia.

The survey examined employee lifestyle, clinical indicators, stress and mental health to understand the associated impact on wellbeing and productivity. According to AIA Vitality, it is the first science-backed workplace survey across Australia.

Announcer’s 'work/life balance first' approach encourages staff to participate in initiatives including team sports, daily exercise and programs to achieve their career and personal goals.

“We believe that promoting employee health and wellbeing is of critical importance to companies of all sizes, creating a psychologically safe environment," said Damien Mu, CEO of AIA Australia and New Zealand.

"Insights from the data will also support us championing Australia and New Zealand to become the healthiest and most protected nations in the world and help people live longer, healthier and better lives.”

Announcer was acquired by Infocus in September 2017.

Announcer is Healthiest Employer
The Announcer team accept the award for Australia's Healthiest Employer from AIA.
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